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Click Intensity

A RevShare Program, MLM, GPT (Get Paid To), plus you will receive High Quality Traffic!!
Lock Down your Totally Free Spot starting RIGHT NOW along with The KNOW HOW TEAM!

UPDATE: This Program Is No Longer In Business. We waited quite a while to give this admin time to fulfill his promises to refund the members funds, but all he has given is more excuses and more delays. Therefore, we have no choice but to now declare Click Intensity a scam.

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It is important for you to respond as soon as possible, because time is of the essence with this.

We here at Know How To Earn literally just got this program information today (this morning).

(Lock in Your Spot at ZERO Cost) This New PASSIVE Revenue Share System builds your downline on autopilot.

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This business is literally exploding, and it’s in pre-launch.

I am sure there will be six and seven figure earners by the time we launch!! Do you want to be one of them?

Launch date is Wednesday March 16, 2016 and securing a spot NOW with The KNOW HOW TEAM could really pay HUGE dividends this year!!

5 Ways To Get Paid: C.I. Concept Presentation Document    Communication Head: Tara Tish

=> Start Your FREE Home Business and you will Get 100% RCB with us: The Know How Team 🙂

–> It’s an “easy-to-operate” program!
–> You get paid daily, like clockwork!
–> It’s fully automated & easy to duplicate!

The industry’s first revenue share program which pays you 7-Levels Deep (MLM). And… the system does all your follow-up and closes sales for you.

It doesn’t get any easier than this!!

Admin: Nick Johnson … Payment Processors: STP, Payza, Bank Wire, Payeer, and Credit Card

=> Start Your FREE Home Business and you will Get 100% RCB with us: The Know How Team 🙂

Disclaimer: We can’t make any specific program guarantees, but everything looks good, so far.

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  1. Admin

    Here are few major updates you need to know asap

    1) We just processed our first commission run and it’s LIVE NOW.

    If you have taken the effort to build your teams during prelaunch and they have purchased any silver packs , then based on your qualification level you will be able to see commissions in your my wallet section now.

    Free Members also make 5 % of whatever their personal referrals purchase and if you have atleast 1 silver pack – you make 10 % of your personal referrals purchases and more based on how many packs you have .

    ==>> For Full Details refer to our compensation plan document

    Just on day 1 of launch we have people from all over the world making money .

    These people are from all sorts of backgrounds , races , countries , newbies , struggling marketers and veterans of Internet Marketing industry… You can meet them all in our corporate facebook group

    2) Our tech team has done intense testing before displaying the commissions LIVE in your wallet section but for next 24 more hours they will be closely monitoring all commission calculations just to ensure that there are no errors in payout calcualtion.

    Hence for next 24 hours – purchase of silver packs using gold coins , member to member gold coins transfer and purchase of done for you clicks using gold coins will be stopped. They will be back up again same time approx tomorrow.

    3) Revenue share will continue as usual for already purchased silver packs and if you have clicked your 10 ads for the day , you will keep getting gold coin credits every 30 mins based on # of silver packs you have.

    Each silver pack you have gives you 1 share in company’s profit every 30 minutes till each silver pack of $25 becomes $30

    4) We are aware of few of the minor bugs with our Text Ad exchange ( member’s not getting enough ads to click on , at times silver coins stats going on/off etc ) and all these will be optimized in the next 24-48 hours maximum…

    So all good…

    5) We have recently migrated our entire system on to super secure servers to prevent any kind of hacking attempts and that’s why now you can see entire Click Intensity websites on https:// instead of regular http:// This is for everyone’s benefit

    However because of this there is a small glitch with Advcash’s API and as a result certain payments are getting delayed in processing and our finance and tech team is on it..

    This also will be resolved in next few hours to max 24 hours .

    All the transactions are getting credited in our Advcash wallet and bitcoin wallets – so no issues there and everything is being tracked

    If you or your team member has recently made a purchase and the gold coins for that purchase are not yet credited , hang on tight – no need to worry – it will all be good very shortly.

    6) Withdrawl options will also be live in approx 24 hours from now and moment it’s live – you will get another update email so that you can start withdrawing your commissions.

    Minimum amount of withdrawl will be $25 = 1000 Gold Coins.

    Last but not the least , I would like to congratulate each one of you for putting in your hard work during the prelaunch phase and making Click Intensity a grand success.

    We at the point of writing this email have now over 68,000 + Affiliates and alexa rankings of less than 32,000 globally and in top 5,000 and top 10,000 in many countries around the world.

    I guess we are less than 30 days away from hitting 100,000 affiliates globally …

    This is the time when you want to work your hardest , build a massive team and be instrumental in making Click Intensity a household name around the world and in the process secure your and your family’s financial future for ever.

    Thanks And Regards
    Nick Johnson

  2. Admin

    Updates From Nick Johnson
    Ok – So Option to Purchase Revenue Sharing Silver Packs Is Live Now .

    Here Are few quick updates you need to know

    1) Silver Packs Can Be Purchased From Gold Advertising/Silver Advertising Section And You Need Gold Coins To Purchase Them Each Silver Pack Costs $25 = 1000 Gold Coins And Gives You 1000 Advertising Credits ( Silver Coins ) Inside Our Text Ad Exchange (It’s In Beta Right Now and will improve every day)

    Once You Have Purchased Your Silver packs, I will recommend you to go and set up your advertising inside Silver Advertising section so our Text Ad Exchange Can Quickly Populate With Ads.

    Each Ad Impression will cost 5-15 silver credits based on priority bucket you choose. (Priority Bucket = Order in which your ads are displayed – higher is the priority bucket, more silver coins it is going to take but faster will be the display of your ads)

    Once you have set up your ads, you need to go to text ad exchange and view your 10 ads so that your revenue share can start!

    Moment you do this – your status will turn active on top of dashboard and you will start getting revenue share credits every 30 minutes and you will see your gold coin balance increasing. You need to do this once every 24 hours.

    If due to some reason you forget to click your 10 ads daily, then you won’t loose anything – just your gold coin credits for that many hours will be delayed.

    Each Silver Pack Which Is $25 Will Ultimately Produce $30 And Time Frame will vary based on revenues generated by the company every 30 mins.

    2) This being easter weekend , we received requests from leaders all around the globe to somehow ensure that they don’t loose out on commissions if due to some reason their downlines purchase silver packs before them !

    Since our silver pack commissions are calculated 7 levels up moment a silver pack is purchased , We gave a long thought to this and even though technology wise we are ready, we will give everyone 48 more hours so that system wide everyone can have enough time to start purchasing silver packs using their gold coins.

    If for some reason , you still not have been able to purchase gold coins – treat this last 48 hours as the last extenstion where you can leverage bank wires , Advcash , Bitcoins , Payeer , Perfect Money or member to member feature ( you can transfer money to a member who has gold coins in payza/paypal/stp and they can give you gold coins ) to purchase gold coins and then purchase silver packs ASAP.

    The final time for the first commission payout to be calculated is 29th Morning 7AM EST i.e approx 48 hours from now!

    Commission Calculations for other Gold Advertising Products such As Done For You Clicks are already happening instantly and accurately.

    So all good there and whenever someone in your team 7 levels deep purchases any of the premium Gold Advertising Products – you will get a instant credit of gold coins as per the calculation.

    3) Payouts/Withdrawls will start from 30th onwards as our tech team will need one day to make sure all the payout calculation is correct and there are no glitches! Hope this helps.

    Super proud of all of you here and what we have achieved in last 5 weeks or so is nothing short of extraordinary. We have crossed over 65,000 members now company wide and touching close to global alexa rankings of 30,000.

    In no time this will touch 100,000+ members and alexa rankings of top 10,000 sites in the world! We are already in top 10,000 sites in many countries around the world and will be soon globally.

    The amount of leadership inside the company in just 5 weeks is nothing short of amazing and we truly appreciate the trust you have all put in us!

    Can’t wait to start processing payouts for all you lovely people soon and help you change your financial future with Click Intensity for ever.

    I am here as always and if you have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask here in comments on this post and I will be happy to reply and answer all questions

    Nick Johnson

  3. Admin

    The Click Intensity ADMIN, Nick Johnson, Finally Speaks!!

  4. Admin

    Hi Folks – We just made our first gold product live – Done For You Premium Clicks!

    For all Those of you , Having issues when it comes to referring people and building a team – all you need to do is now purchase gold coins and then order the number of clicks you need and within maximum 3-7 days you will get high quality premium Business Opportunity Clicks delivered to any landing page inside Click Intensity or any other website of your choice!

    To Give you a rough example: Lets say you place an order of 1000 clicks which cost you around $1600 lets say – In 72 hours you get them delivered to your referral links and lets assume 20 % people opt in and join your team ( our system wide conversion is in the range of 25 to 30 %) – you are looking at around 200 people joining your team instantly!

    Now for the rest of the life you will make 5 to 15 % depending on number of silver packs you have of what these 200 people purchase inside CI and also the teams which these potential 200 people can build!

    This is called team building on steroids – in other words Automatic Team building! Do the same and have others do the same!

    These clicks are High Quality Business Opportunity clicks means its targeted traffic of people looking for online business , looking to make money online and is 90 % Tier 1 which means 90 % of traffic is from USA , UK , Canada , Australia!

    I also forgot to add 15% commission is released upto 7 levels up and there is no qualification also for this!

    Advcash is currently down due to a minor glitch and it will be back first thing Monday morning! Bank Wires are on and working super awesome – Tons of people funding their accounts everyday!

    Hope this information helps you and now you don’t have an excuse on why you cannot build a team here in Click Intensity! This also marks the launch of our first Premium Gold Advertising Product and many more to come!

  5. Admin

    It’s important for you to start funding your Click Intensity Account with gold coins now so from 27th onwards you can start purchasing silver packs asap and also other premium gold products!

    Gold Coins Are the currency of the system and you will need them for everything… Even your commissions will come in gold coins which can then be converted into cash ( 1000 coins = $25 )

    Here are some of the new video tutorials which will help you to choose any of the preferred methods for funding your Gold Coin Accounts
    1) How To Purchase Gold Coins Using Bank Wire
    2) How To Purchase Gold Coins Using Advcash/Bitcoins/Payeer/Perfect Money
    3) Getting Started With Coinable To Purchase Gold Coins Directly Using Bitcoins
    4) Person To Person Transfer Of Gold Coins

    Hope this helps ! More updates on this are already posted inside our Facebook Group in pinned post Check them out also

    Nick Johnson
    CEO – ClickIntensity.Com

  6. Admin

    Folks 2 Massive Big Announcements : Read in Full And Tag Everyone IN Your Team Here !

    1) We Just Finished Our Integration With Advcash Payment Gateway Which Allows You To Instantly Get Your Gold Coins Activated !

    If You Don’t Have A Advcash Account , Set Up Using This Corporate Link


    You Can Fund Your Advcash Using Ton of E-Currencies Like Payeer/Perfect Money / BitCoin And Many Others.

    Check the attached image in the post showing all modes of funding your advcash account

    Once Your Advcash Is Funded , All You Need To Do Is Go To Gold Advertising –>> Choose # Of Gold Packs You Want To Buy ( $25 = 1000 Gold Coins Which Is Currency Of The System And Will Be Used To Buy Silver Packs 27th Onwards And Other Premium Gold Advertising Products Scheduled To Go Live Shortly ) , Press Submit , Then In Payment Mode Choose Advcash , You Will See Two Options – Using Your Advcash Wallet And Bitcoin

    Choose whichever one u prefer and your packs /coins will be activated

    ( Check the screenshots for reference )

    2) We Just Activated Member To Member Gold Coin Transfer Facility At A Nominal Fees of 1 % and hence if for any reason you are having issues with funding your advcash wallet or paying using bitcoins , all u need to do is connect with someone who has gold coins and transfer them money using whatever method they prefer and they will instantly send you gold coins !

    You can post in the group and I am sure people with gold coins will connect to help out !

    Tag all your teams in this post so that they know exactly how to purchase gold coins so that they can buy silver packs using gold coins 27th onwards !

    Lets get into massive action mode now !


    With Tara Mish , Angelo Guiseppe , Martin Zhao Germer , Daniel Elliott , Ankur Agarwal , Rainer Schwinghammer , Daniel Paez Lozano , Sangram Keshari Dash , Ron Santoro , Jeff Audibert , Martin Higney , Julia Buchholz , Bharat Karnani , Samuel Nebo , Nebojsa Zarada , Jess Carels , Surendra Singh Rathore , Sibua Ra , Christina Emerson , Amresh Verma , Jamil Jaber , Jayson Herewini , Imtiaz Shah , Azam Riaz , Trevor Miller , Al Heem , Bikram Pariyar , Melvin Yeo , Bijay Pradhan , Michael Haggie , Michael Colucci , Yogesh Subhanand , Milan Negovanovic , Richard Daigle , Chris Bw , Mark Kelly , Sercan Çakır , Terry Burns , Steve Dawson , Craig Norman And Others !

  7. Admin

    Urgent & Important C.I. Team Facebook Update
    Hey Folks – Ok – It’s Time For That Update You All Have Been Waiting For !

    It’s A Long Post – So Take Time To Read It In Full……

    We Had A Intense Six Hour Meeting Today With Our IT Team , Board Members , A Few Of Our Top Leaders And Our Investors On The Best Way To Do This And This Is What We Came Up With So It’s A Collective Win Win .

    Our Prelaunch Is Going To Be Extended For An Extra 10 Days i.e Now Our Official Launch Will be On 27th Of March i.e Sunday At 00:00:01 Central Standard Time…

    Clock on all your marketing links and company’s back office will be adjusted accordingly in few hours !

    However As Per the scheduled date of 16th , You All Will Be able to start funding your accounts from now.

    And In Next 48-72 Hours Few of Free Members tasks will also start.

    Our First Payment Mode Available And Already Live In Backoffice Is Bank Wires

    This is the cheapest mode of payment and you purchase coins pretty much at the net rate unlike through payment processors where u end up paying an extra 5 % approx to cover the costs..

    All You Need To Do is To Go to Gold Advertising , enter the # of packs u want to start with and proceed to payment section.

    Their you will see Bank Wire Option – Choose it , And enter your bank account details from which you will be doing the bank wire and press submit..

    Then u will see this purchase as pending in your purchase history and your invoice which will have all the bank details where u need to make the bank transfer !

    Kindly ensure while making the bank transfer ( whether online or via your local bank ) , that you mention the unique invoice number in comments section and also the amount which we should receive at the company end should be the net amount in USD .

    Once u are done with the bank wire , go back to your purchase history , take a scan copy of your transfer receipt and upload it in purchase history section where the transaction is pending .

    Moment your Wire Is received , our accounting team will credit equalivalent number of gold coins in your account ( Each $25=1000 gold coins)

    With These Gold Coins , 27th Onwards You Will Be Able To Start Purchasing Silver Packs And Hence Enter Into Every 30 Minutes Revenue Share .

    Also You Will be Able To Start Utilising Some Of Our Awesome Gold Coin Products Like Done For You High Quality Biz Opp Traffic Which Will Help You Get Automatic Referrals !

    All You Got to Do Is Order how many clicks u want , proceed to checkout , next page submit the link where u want the traffic to come and in 72-96 hours our traffic vendors will deliver high quality traffic which converts to your links and you will be having automatic referrals !

    We are Also waiting for our final verifications from STP And Payza ( Technical integration has already been completed) and as soon as we get it , They will also be live !

    And Next in Line Are Coin-base , Our own merchants , Advcash And Payeer !

    We will also be making Member to Member Coin Transfer live shortly in next 24-48 hours so some of you can purchase coins for your collective team and then transfer them internally !

    This works especially well in 3rd world countries where at times doing bank wires internationally can be a bit of challenge !

    So a few top leaders can collect and send funds , receive coins and then distribute accordingly…

    But I Will Highly encourage you not to wait for it and start funding your accounts ASAP so by 26th evening so you are fully positioned to maximise your commissions !

    Imagine everyone in your team doing the same…

    Massive duplication ….

    27th Onwards All Your Commission Calculations And Everything Will Also Start And We will have a buffer of about 24 hours on 27th before we release your first commissions just to make sure everything is working right and then from 28th onwards you will be able to start withdrawing your commissions at will or repurchase silver packs till you reach 4000 packs – the ultimate level totally at your discretion.

    Here Is Why This extension is a win – win for everyone

    For affiliates

    1) Having enough time to fund your pack to maximum number of silver packs u can afford so that you can maximise on the team commissions as per the pay plan and not miss out from income from 2nd levels , 3rd levels and beyond.

    2) Having enough time to reach out to your teams also and help them do the same

    This ensures massive checks right out of the gate for everyone who is taking this business seriously…

    I have been having conversations with leaders left, right and centre on Facebook and received numerous requests from everyone to extend this prelaunch so that they and their teams can have enough time to fund their accounts and create massive cheques and testimonials right from the start !

    3) This also gives u more time to build a even bigger team leveraging our proven prelaunch marketing funnels which is converting awesome on pretty much all forms of traffic !

    Yesterday we averaged over 2800 signups in a 24 hour period and today we are on track to cross 3,500 to 4,000 signups in a 24 hour period !

    An extra 10 days means an additional 30,000 to 40,000 people in the company in prelaunch which creates a even bigger buzz , higher alexa rankings and overall win win for everyone….

    Think about it………….

    Always good to maximise benefits from something which is working like crazy….

    For the Company..

    1) It Gives us enough time to iron out a few of major tech issues like member messaging feature , support ticketing system and few other necessary tech integrations and upgrades to smoothly run and manage the ever increasing traffic on our websites.

    2) It also allows us to iron out few individual case by case basis tech issues which has been addressed to us by few leaders and ensure that there accounts are working fine

    Currently we have a lot of these pending as our tech team is overloaded with work right now – doing 12 hour workdays and still so much is still left…

    Thanks to this awesome astounding growth – which was totally unexpected but a most welcome surprise
    smile emoticon

    3) It allows us to ensure our revenue share platform which will start producing powerful profits for our members every 30 minutes is done smoothly and our testing team is able to test it out few more times before we release it to the public on 27th onwards and make it as glitch free as possible

    Also we need to test our silver packs traffic ad exchange and task module so that we can deliver an awesome hastle free experience to all our users clicking their 10 ads daily for revenue shares !

    4) This 10 day extension gives us extra time to get approvals from few more merchants hopefully and hence have more payment modes !

    I know this was a long update but a necessary one !

    I am here to address any questions in this comment thread

    Lets keep building the way we are building and achieve an extra 30,000 to 40,000 more signups by 26th midnight so that 27th onwards can be the start of a new future for all of us involved here at Click Intensity.

    Proud to have all of you here !

    What we have achieved together till now is nothing short of extraordinary ( Over 45,000 Signups , Alexa Rankings Of Less Than 50,000 And Unbelievable amount of talent and leadership already being displayed in the group) .

    But what we will achieve from now is going to blow away the industry !

    From here we will race to 100,000 members and then 200,000 and then 500,000 and then 1 million members and 10 million members across the globe and beyond !

    Together we will travel the beaches of the world and change as many lifes as possible

    Whether you are someone who is just getting started or have been around the block , we have something for everyone and it’s only going to get bigger !

    Looking forward for massive days ahead !

    Lets get busy interacting with our teams , positioning ourselves for the maximum number of packs we can afford and having our teams do the same

    Nick !

    With Martin Zhao Germer , Tara Mish , Daniel Elliott , Ankur Agarwal , Shaun Smith , Michael Colucci , Ron Santoro , Walter Wheeler III , Ivs Prasad , Arnel Macariola , Yoon Kiiym , JF Gueits , Grant Fortuin , Yogesh Subhanand , Shaun Smith , Angelo Guiseppe , Jess Carels , Nebojsa Zarada , Basanta Gharti , Christina Emerson , Roger Huffman , Julia Buchholz ,Martin Higney , Mark Kelly , Mark Anthony , Terry Burns , Sercan Çakır , Sangram Keshari Dash , Steve Dawson , Urmila Queen , Milton Brown , Azam Riaz , Sindu Thomas , Jody M Healy , Dan Watson , Darren Durham , John Khalid And others !

    Don’t forget to tag all your teams folks so they have all the info.

  8. Admin

    Our Head Of Communications – Tara Mish just posted 2 new training videos on our corporate youtube channel which will help you build your Click Intensity Business….

    1) How To Attract Leaders To Join Your Click Intensity Team

    2) How To Multiply Your time For Maximum Leverage

    Check them out – We are sure you will love them !

    Thanks And Regards
    Click Intensity Team

    P.S Make Sure You Are A Part Of Our Corporate Facebook Group

  9. Admin

    2 New Important Updates For You

    1) We just added Brand New Welcome Videos In Spanish And Russian Languages And Chinese version is on its way shortly !

    You can see these videos moment when u login and now can leverage them to build your teams in markets speaking Spanish And Russian !

    2) We have added a new tab called ” Training ” In your back office on left hand side of the dashboard and your daily core commitments training has been added there !

    ==>> Here is the direct link to access it

    ( Make sure u are logged in )

    In days and weeks to come , our training team will be adding lots of useful stuff there which u can leverage to Build your Click Intensity business !

    Hope this helps

    Thanks And Regards
    Click Intensity Team

  10. Admin


    We are on track to cross almost 2,000 Signups For the day !

    Hard to believe considering we are just one week old !

    This shows what we have is special and the world needs it especially in such desperate economic times when the whole world is headed towards economic crash and so many people are going jobless !

    The vision of click intensity is simple : help all of you live a life of freedom and prosperity by giving you the ability to offer top quality services in online advertising space to millions of people across the world who need it

    This is just the beginning..

    We will soon be at 5000 signups a day and then 10,000 signups a day and there will come a time when we will do 100,000 signups a day !

    Get prepared to ride this massive wave of prosperity with us !

    I will do my best to give you guys/gals best possible technology and banking platform ever with top quality marketing systems so you can can just focus on that one thing – the only thing which matters the most here and that is how many referrals a day you are getting to your affiliate links and how many packs u have so you can qualify to get paid on as maximum levels possible!

    Our Signup/Login issues have pretty much been sorted out now and very shortly member to member messaging feature and a few other things will also be streamlined !

    Business statistics are already pretty much accurate, Leaderboards are also functioning properly ( though we are still working on improving its look and feel and to show number of people sponsored ).

    Work is also going on My team section so both genealogy and list view can load fast and correct ( Its loading right now but taking longer than we want and our teams are working on optimising it )

    We are also working side by side on launching our first gold product hopefully in the next 7 days which u guys would be able to start leveraging right away to grow your click intensity business even faster !

    I also want all of you to open your free accounts with Solid Trust Pay, Payza , Payeer , Perfect Money , Payeer And Coin Base !

    And Get these accounts verified and activated – so during launch you will the ability to pay and get paid from day 1

    Hope this helps !

    Nick Johnson

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