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From The Click Intensity Head Of Communications: Tara Mish
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    How To Generate Lots Of Signups With YouTube Video Marketing
    Gene Wolff·Monday, June 6, 2016

    In the manner of giving, I am gonna reveal a simple strategy for getting more signups. I have been marketing on youtube for around 8 years, done close to 25,000 optin leads from it into various programs over the years. Was a top earner in two programs specifically because of that. The process of marketing on youtube is very simple. There’s three markets you can generate leads from.

    1. Your niche based market: this is people in the same industry doing searches on company keywords. “COMPANY KEYWORDS”. EX. Click Intensity Review

    2. Generic make money online traffic an keywords. EX. How to make money online. While it may seem impossible to rank for those types of keywords, it isnt, because all search results vary and the traffic is distributed little by little to properly seo optimized videos. Suggested videos and top rankings.

    3. Self help market: these are probably above average leads because you are generating someone who wants more in life and is willing to research to get there. This means bettering themselves. They understand mindset or learning. Good high quality lead. To gather this leads, use the seo checklist below along with creating a self help video. Use tony robins videos to give you some inspiration on topics you can discuss.

    How to SEO optimize your videos: very simple checklist for basic SEO. There are some advanced strategy’s, but I will lay out a simple plan to follow below:

    – Main keyword in title with additional broads added
    EX. how to make money online << mainEX. how to make money online from home <

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