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 :mrgreen: KNOW HOW TO EARN 100% REFERRAL CA$H BACK (RCB) :mrgreen:
“We Explain About How You Will Get Paid To Join With Us”

As an extra incentive to join your favorite make money programs with the Know How Team, we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. In other words, we will pay you to join forces with us in the best money-making opportunities… We will also be here to offer you any support.

                               [All About R.C.B. And How We Are Able To Offer It To You]

It is a very simple and straight-forward process for you to get paid by us. All that you would need to do is sign-up for any of the programs listed below by clicking and using our link. Then, you will need to forward to us the required information, as listed below. 100% Guaranteed Pay!!

What Is Referral Cash Back (RCB)?: Referral Cash Back is the referral commission that we receive when you make a *qualified purchase in any of our *qualified programs. For Example: (1) You sign-up using our program link, and purchase adpacks for $100. (2) The Program Admin pays us a 10% Referral Commission to our payment processor or bitcoin wallet. (3) We receive $10.00. (4) We Pay You 100% = $10.00, within 2 to 24 Hours to your processor, or bitcoin wallet. (5) Keep in mind that this Referral Cash Back offer will also help to reduce your overall risk level.

Note: This is a one-time payment for your first purchase only. Also, remember that we can’t pay you unless the program admin pays us first. In other words, if the program goes out of business before we are paid the referral commission, then we won’t have the funds to pay you. Or, if there is a delay with us receiving our commissions, then we will pay you as soon as we are paid.

We do not charge any extra fees to pay your RCB, but your payment processor might charge us a “sending fee”. However, we will pay any fees, and send you your full 100% Referral Cash Back!!

*QUALIFIED PROGRAMS: These are the programs that we, the Know How Team, currently offer for Referral Cash Back. Check this page often, because these programs are subject to change at anytime. In other words, we will add or remove programs whenever it is necessary. However, you will still be paid if you have joined a program with our link, *made a qualifying purchase, submitted your details to us, and if or when the program admin pays us our ref. commission(s).

Here Are The Current Program Links, And Our First-Level Referral Percentages.
You Will Receive 100% Of Our First Commission Payment From The Admin(s).

The Programs Below HAVE Already Been Posted On This Blog,
And They Are Still Available For You To Receive RCB From Us





The Programs Below HAVE NOT Been Posted On This Blog Yet,
But They Are Available NOW For You To Receive RCB From Us

No Program(s) Available Here At This Time

**Due to a program problem, these two programs are not currently eligible for
RCB until the program admin (Uday Nara) has successfully resolved the problem.

                  [All About R.C.B. Qualifications And How To Complete The Application]

*QUALIFIED PURCHASE: A qualified purchase is the first adpack purchase that you make which will trigger a referral commission to go to us, so that we can pay you for joining forces with us. Additionally, your first adpack purchase must be $20.00, or up to $1000, in order to receive RCB.

How You Get Paid By Us (Know How Team): (A) Click a program link above (B) Complete the program registration (C) *Make a qualifying purchase using PP|STP|PZ|BTC (D) Send us all 6 of the following items: Name Of The Program, Your Program Username, Amount Of Purchase, The Date Of Purchase, Your Processor Choice (PP, STP, PZ, BTC), and Your Processor Username (ID).

Note: You must submit your items below within 72-Hours after you make your first purchase. Also, we will pay your RCB to the same payment processor that you used to make a purchase.

SUBMIT YOUR INFORMATION: After you make your first purchase, today or ASAP, use the form below to easily & securely submit your 6 items of info to us, so that we can pay your R.C.B.

We Will Pay You Within 2 To 24 Hours After The Admin Pays Us

PAYMENT PROOFS: You are welcome to provide your RCB Payment Proof or Testimonial in the reply form below. Please do not spam, because this is for payment proofs, or testimonials, only.

QUESTIONS?: You are welcome to ask us any questions about our R.C.B. offer in the reply form below. However, please be sure that you have carefully read everything on the page above. We will gladly answer questions immediately, or as soon as possible. Thank You for your trust in us!

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