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Ads Crypto

                                                                               In BitCoin We Trust

               This is an advertising & revenue share program that delivers targeted guaranteed traffic.
Ads Crypto [SERVICE]: Advertising… [PAYMENT PROCESSOR]: BitCoin, (BTC) And Coin Payments… [PAY PLAN]: RevShare… [BASIC DETAILS]: Earn Up To 125% RevShare Profit… AdPack Prices: 0.006|0.012|0.024|0.036 BTC Each… Surfing 10 Ads Daily In The Traffic Exchange Is Required To Earn… Click PTC Ads (Cash Links) To Earn More BTC… Four Membership Levels: 1) Free, 2) Alpha@0.01btc/month, 3) Beta@0.02btc/month, 4) Gamma@0.03btc/month… No Repurchase Rule… 1.5% To 2.5% Daily Earning Cap… 0.01|0.25 (Min|Max) Withdrawal: Monday-Friday… 240% Withdrawal Limit On Total Cash Deposits (2.4X)… Licensed Script|SSL Secured|DDOS Protected|Cloud Hosting… Nine Advertising Products: #1: AdPacks, #2: Login Ads #3: Cash Link Ads, #4: Banner Ads, #5: Text Ads, #6: Traffic Exchange Ads, #7: Withdrawal Ads, #8: PPC Ads, #9: Logout Ads… 5% Referral Commission… [ADMIN] Zahid Jadoon|Ajit Ghorpade… [STATUS]: Launch 3/8/2017.

Thank You,
Admin & Team

P.S. Join with the Know How Team, because we know how to show you how to earn, we know how to be here daily for you, and we know how to keep you updated and rewarded. [Determine your risk-tolerance level, and do not spend more than you can afford to lose.]

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16 Thoughts to “Ads Crypto”

  1. Admin | Update

    Ajit Ghorpade | Admin | November 2, 2017

    Hello AC Members,


    [CryptoCurrency market update]

    Everyone can see and understand what’s the current crypto market situation is. We have seen constant decline (long bear phase cycle) in crypto market since Mid-June. Bitcoin value is rising every day and breaking new ath, Swing trading is highly risky now. Almost all altcoins are tumbling day after day, deeper and deeper. Our holding altcoins values are way down now. Segwit2x due in 16th November and Bitcoin Silver fork due in December so crypto market will be high volatile in next few weeks as well (Just our prediction).

    Gradually we were selling / liquidating few of our holding coins in current market value to pay members without interruption. So due to liquidating now we have fewer coins and need to preserve to liquidate them in future on fair values and to pay those members who not even recovered their seed amount in btc value. We are working hard in backend. Operations are smooth. We just need crypto market enter in bull phase cycle for few weeks stretch specially on polo exchange to reach our goal.

    [AdsCrypto update]

    Keeping all this in mind, as business owners we have to take some tough decisions to preserve current financial reserves. Now our first target is to keep members seed secure (who have not reached to their seed till date).

    So below are some temporary changes will be in action w.e.f. today:

    1) All previous changes will be continued as it is (To know all previous changes – Kindly do read all latest official updates on ‘Admin Message’ section in your AdsCrypto account back-office (Menu > Account Activity > Admin Messages) or do visit our AdsCrypto official Facebook group for all recent admin updates). Kindly read all updates from Mid-August to till date.

    2) Clearing ‘Withdrawal Request’ queue will be delayed from here in days / weeks depend on AC Financial Reserves and on Crypto Market condition. From today onwards we will not liquidate our remaining holding coins in loss, we will wait till they gives fare values to liquidate. It may take days / weeks / months but we will wait. We will keep update you frequently on our Financial Reserves and on Crypto Market conditions whenever needed.

    We expect kind co-operation from our beloved members. We gave our best till date and will continue the same in future as well. AdsCrypto is around 8 months old now. We know members expectations from us so we are working hard in backend accordingly.

    Any account / payment related issues will be resolved via Public/Member ticket only (so kindly avoid Facebook group to raise your account / payment related issues. Official Facebook group is only for Admin / Social Updates). We will not reply to any above issues in our personal Facebook chat window as members irritate us every day by asking same questions which we already answered in admin posts.

    So kindly do not use AC Facebook Official group or do not try to chat with us personally on Facebook. Kindly open tickets and you will get reply as per turnaround time for sure.

    Next official update: When we will have something important to update, so always have patience. We will reach out / reply through tickets. Suggestions (via ticket) are most welcome to improve AdsCrypto Creditability. Have a great day 🙂


  2. Admin | Update

    Elle Yan | Facebook

    Just an idea, why not disable the surfing for now until things pick up a bit. I also have another idea, why not do trading of new altcoins and icos and there is one exchange COSS.IO i joined and it will release revenues shares weekly from it’s DAO for those who hold coss tokens anslo look at TAAS..Out of all the altcoins going to sh8t because of the fork TAAS gives a quarterly dividend and is the most stable coin.. just my 2 bit…

    Ajit GhorpadeGroup | Facebook

    Nice to see some suggestions from members who cares 🙂 well…surfing generates page views and hence traffic on site and boosts alexa ranking which is good and it takes 5 minutes to surf 10 ads and AC is nothing but advertising revshare…your post as per current situation but we need to look overall situation….new altcoin trades and ico’s need good funds in reserves and you all are well aware about current reserves as per my previous post. we are looking all possibilities and new opportunities to improve things….rest assured and thanks for suggestions…thumbs up

  3. Admin|Update

    Hello AC Members,

    GOOD NEWS !!!

    We have received lots of requests through Member tickets where member demands to decrease day withdrawal limit so they can withdraw remaining earning balance which is less than 0.01btc…

    So one temporary change w.e.f. Today: Minimum Sum Of Withdrawal is 0.001btc/day instead of 0.01btc/day. Request Withdrawal Days: Monday to Friday Server time

    Hope this will be helpful, Have a Great Weekend 🙂

    Ajit Ghorpade|Admin

  4. Admin|Update

    July 14th 2017 | Ajit Ghorpade

    Bitcoin users everywhere are getting prepared and heavily discussing the possibility of a blockchain split. The subject was discussed a lot this past March when bitcoin proponents and cryptocurrency businesses feared a potential split when the Bitcoin Unlimited implementation was seeing strong support. Now the conversation has resurfaced, but the topic of UASF or BIP148 is an entirely different scenario.

    BIP148 is a mechanism designed to start on August 1st that activates a soft fork enforced by full nodes. After this point, full nodes participating in this plan will reject blocks that have not upgraded to BIP141 otherwise known as Segregated Witness (Segwit). UASF requires a lot of industry support and miners to activate Segwit, by this point if they do not support the activation the chain could diverge into two.

    There are businesses that have announced initial support for BIP148 however, there are many wallets and a vast majority of exchanges that have not announced any support or issued warnings about the upcoming August 1st Segwit enforcement.

    Segwit2x working group has also been steadily preparing the compromise idea announced called the ‘New York Agreement’. The group released beta code and have been experimenting with the Segwit protocol and a 2MB hard fork on a Bitcoin testnet.

    As far as August 1st is concerned users should make sure they hold their private keys. There is a possibility of network disruption. These are optimistic moves to strengthen Blockchain Technology if you see the bigger picture 🙂

  5. Admin|Update

    For all the people saying ➡➡ “Rev Shares are dead” ?? here you go… numbers don’t lie ?
    lets’ do the math ?? well over 3 BTC in last few days ??
    ❌❌ Note: last few days and not weeks ❌❌
    what’s that? $7500 – $8000 ?? sounds like Crypto Shopping to me ?

  6. Admin|Update

    Hello AdsCrypto Members!!!

    As you all know…We already have 2 step verification security tools placed in our System. Now We are introducing one more new security level feature in AC w.e.f. today….

    If hacker anyhow gets your account access…he/she still can not view or access your profile and security page to snoop and update your confidential information so can’t wipe out your earnings…

    In order to update your Profile and/or Security page in back-office; system will send you 1 verification email link to your registered email address…You need to click on verification link to get access to your Profile and/or Security page…If you want to update Profile page -> System will send you 1 verification link and if you want to update Security page -> System will send you 1 more verification link differently means 1 verification link for each page access (1 verification link will not work for both pages, only for that page which you clicked to get access)

    Kindly login to your account and test both pages and let us know if you found any bug

    Have a Nice Day 🙂

    -Ajit Ghorpade

  7. Admin|Update

    I am WINNING because I didn’t listen to or follow the loud mouth blow horn marketers with big mouths and big opinions impressing upon me their crappy, deceitful B.S. that only serve to line THEIR pocket book via hardcore recruiting and sponsoring tactics. You know.. the leeches that feed off the rest of us with their lies and broken promises to make their living ?

    A few months ago when I began taking a harder look at revshares and what was wrong with them and why they were failing I came across one shining DIAMOND that I knew in my gut was going to be different than all the rest since they themselves were full of innovation and cut off from the herd mentality all other revshare admins had fallen deeply into.

    That revshare was not only NOT just your average, run of the mill, brain dead, go nowhere, dead end, rob Peter to pay Paul revshare, but it was aspiring to be MUCH more than that with honest admins with a vision. Actual admins that already came from the world of crypto trading before crypto trading was barely even noticed. These admins were not only willing to share their profits with us, but were also willing to teach us how to do it for ourselves, while providing a platform that allowed you to earn from their highly skilled ongoing trading effort as well for solid backup!!!

    While all other revshares are falling down left and right, ONE revshare remains STRONG & TRUE with amazing support and fast payments like clockwork. I waded all the way up stream to find it and now my profits are flowing in like a river!! I will begin Level 3 next week and have already earned over $2,000 USD starting almost from scratch since all the others didn’t leave me with anything at all ??

    Thank you Ajit Ghorpade & Zahid Jadoon for #AdsCrypto where WINNING back all your previous revshare losses is an absolute reality!!

    -John Blair|Facebook

  8. Admin|Update

    It’s 100 days of AC launch 🙂 Answer the below picture: Yes / No?
    -Ajit Ghorpade|Admin

  9. Admin|Update

    Now Over 8000 Members!!
    One more milestone…Thanks all for your kind support 🙂
    -Ajit Ghorpade

  10. Admin|Update

    ——— Adscrypto Thunderclap Campaign ——–

    Thunderclap is a “crowdspeaking” platform that lets individuals and companies rally people together to spread a message, we are using Thunderclap services to spread Adscrypto message to all corners of Social media (mainly Facebook ). Our target is to achieve 250 supporters by 17th of May.

    What will happen on 17th May??

    Thunderclap will post one unified message about Adscrypto on the timelines of all the supporters at exact same time ,(creating one big buzz about Adscrypto ) just imagine 250 Facebook profiles spreading one message at one time..??

    What you have to do to support us??

    1) Click the link below
    2) Click support with Facebook Twitter or Tumbler
    3) Done

    LINK ➡️➡️

  11. Admin|Update

    One More Milestone Achieved!!!

    6000 Members with AdsCrypto…

    We Heartily Congrats Everyone who Believes in AC!!!

    Have a Wonderful Journey 🙂

    -Ajit Ghorpade

  12. Admin|Update

    Hello AdsCrypto Members!!!

    On your Account Dashboard > Menu > Account Activity > Upgrade Account > Current Memberships > Auto Renewal

    “Auto Renewal” option is set to by default “ON” in Revshare script by Developer. It means that whenever your active membership(s) get expired after 30 days, system will Auto Renew it to avail its benefits without any interruptions. If you do not want this Auto service, you can untick the “ON” boxes and can purchase required Memberships manually.

    We are making you aware that if you failed to untick the “Auto Renewal – ON” boxes from your end than system will Auto Renew your all current expired Memberships after 30 days of service where “ON” boxes are already set ticked. Kindly take an action on this from your end as soon as possible those have active memberships…

    Have a Nice Day

  13. Admin|Update

    I am just sharing my progress here…

    I am planning to get to around 550-600 Total packs in the next few weeks… ???

    some people will say “oh that’s a lot”… ??

    I am not here to play games and I am here for the LONG TERM ?

    Keep building, keep pushing and at the end you will get your reward for hard and consisent work ✌✌

    Is really that simple. ??

    Daniel Dz

  14. Admin|Update

    Contest 2 – 10$ Reward – PDF ‘AdsCrypto Guide’

    We need step by step instructions with clear diagrams, all in one PDF document. Kindly submit your document in our personal inbox


    Account Activity
    – Profile
    – Security
    – Upgrade Account

    – Add Funds
    – Purchase Position
    – Request Withdrawal
    – balance Transfer

    – Banner Ads
    – Text Ads
    – Login Ads
    – PPC
    – My Websites

    – Why and How to surf daily 10 ADS
    – Buy Cash Links and Earn with Cash Links
    – Buy Surf Free Plans

    Ajit Ghorpade|Facebook

  15. Admin|Update

    Howdy AdsCrypto Members 🙂

    We have uploaded latest altcoins trade history which we bought and sold recently

    You can view coin history in our official Facebook Group name ‘AdsCrypto Trading Group’ Link:

    We have not uploaded trade history of those altcoins which are only bought recently and not sold as they are keeping positions. We will upload trade history frequently in this group till our new ‘Financials’ page goes live in our website so stay tuned…

    Have a Great Day 🙂

  16. Admin|Update

    Hello AdsCrypto Family…..

    How are you? Hope you all are enjoying a day 🙂

    About AdsCrypto and ProCrypto…

    Q1 Why AdsCrypto when we have ProCrypto running successfully since 21 Weeks?

    > AdsCrypto has a Digital Advertising Products which can be sold, you can register AdsCrypto as a company, can reach and promote globally. It’s not an investment company but advertising so we can abide by our country laws set to advertising company…AdsCrypto can develop as a brand…lots of room to add various advertising products in future.

    Whereas ProCrypto is purely an investment entity where we traders accept bitcoin funds from investors and trade accordingly. You cannot advertise PC globally as it has no product base. So we limited ProCrypto with existing members only and not taking new members inside ProCrypto and slowly will close it within few days by giving good returns to all our existing PC members.

    75% existing PC members have already earned 120%-200%. Few PC members we merged in AC by their demand and we not forced them at all. We are generating profits from crypto currency trading since last 5 months to pay our ProCrypto Members and will close once all members earn min 150% as we want to concentrate only on 1 project that is AdsCrypto to make it Brand.

    Q2 What are the risk management strategies to secure your funds and long term sustainability of the platform since crypto trading is a highly volatile market?

    > In AdsCrypto, our main External Revenue Source is Crypto Currency Trading where we expertise. We know this market in depth also understand risk and rewards factors. We know market volatility and have strategies accordingly. Experienced traders can predict timings when to enter in market and exit. If market is in bullish phase can keep good profits in reserves and when market in bearish phase can accumulate good coins on lower levels and wait to go market up and give profits.

    If you have vast trading experience and lots of fund liquidity, you will never lose money in this crypto trading market. Bitcoin and altcoin’s are like commodity coins where you can buy – store – sell as per your wish. If your coins are not performing than you can accumulate or average out on low levels if you have good funds liquidity and wait for market up trend.

    In simple words don’t sell coins in loss; keep it up till they gives you profit in future. Keep patience always. Control your greed and fear. Diversify funds in good MCap / HCap coins, follow coin news and market trends, this way you will not lose. Ask our experienced traders who are in our secret trading group, they will tell you their success stories.

    Kindly visit AdsCrypto website > “About Us” page and see ‘Flow Chart’ diagram in bottom page section to understand the system better

    * AdsCrypto Rev share is Ponzi?

    > A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where an organization pays returns to its existing investors from new capital paid by new investors, rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources. We have good internal and solid external revenue source where we can generate good returns to pay our all members smoothly.

    Experienced traders know how much crypto trading is profitable in long run with bitcoin value increasing steadily. In good days you earn even 50-100% on alt coins you hold. In bad days you get good chance to buy more coins on lower levels. Overall we are not totally depending on new member’s deposits.

    We have to generate 25% on advt pack 1, 20% on advt pack 2, 15% on advt pack 3 and 10% on advt pack 4 that too in 50-60 days so we have ample of time to earn this % from crypto trading, even in good days we can achieve this target within two weeks. That makes AdsCrypto Non Ponzi with solid external revenue source.

    We have capping on daily earnings and on withdrawals as well. We have low referral commission structure that too only on cash purchases – for promotional basis so reserves will not dry easily. It took two months to design AdsCrypto pay plan where our main aim was deposit inflows in system should be higher than deposit outflows.

    Soon we are announcing Promotional Bonus Rewards to our AdsCrypto Members where they will excite to promote our project globally 🙂

    Promotional platforms:
    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Blog, Website, Forum, Powerpoint Presentation, Promotional Banners, Regional Representative’s etc

    So Stay Tuned…
    If you have any questions about AdsCrypto, let us know, we will be happier to reply you.

    Have a great day 🙂 Admin

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