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Welcome To Our “About Us” Page
We are highly experienced with various online and offline business opportunities for the past 25+ years, and we are deeply dedicated to each project that we choose to undertake, including this blog project: www KnowHowToEarn com.

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Below is our 8 Ways To Know-How-To-Earn, and our 8 Ways To Spot A No-Scam-Program

This blog was established to help webmasters, internet marketers, and/or opportunity seekers to have a centralized location to easily keep up to date with the worldwide information overload of new and prelaunch business opportunities, products, and services… Also, this blog is all about helping the average everyday person to learn and Know How To Earn an online income with the various money-making opportunities presented here… You can learn by reading our posted articles, by reading the program comments, and by asking questions. You can earn by simply joining, and participating, in suitable programs…

Our hope and desire is that we will help you to locate at least one opportunity that will be a good fit for your own personal style, desire, personality, and income goal. We have categorized all of our pages, and included a search widget, to make it faster and easier to find what post or listing you may be looking for here at Know How To Earn.

Risk Tolerance Level: We realize that everyone has their own degree of risk tolerance level that they are willing and able to accept with online make money business opportunity programs. In other words, some people are able to tolerate or withstand a higher level of monetary risk that some programs may require in order to earn a higher and/or worthwhile profit. That is why we here at Know How To Earn post and list several different types of programs for you to consider.

We Offer Different Programs, With Different Possibilities, For Different People…

Some programs are free to join, and some require that you to pay to join. Some programs are very risky, and some are less risky. Some programs require you to promote for referrals, and some do not. Some programs are hard to understand, and some are not. Some programs are best to join at launch, and some are best to wait and see. Some programs are long-term, and some are short-term. Some programs are headquartered in the USA, and some are not. Some programs are administered by a company, and some by one individual. Some programs are quick and easy to profit, and some are slow to profit. Some programs start out good and stay in business indefinitely, and some programs start out good and eventually go out of business, etc.

Please understand that we here at Know How To Earn will always do as much as possible to protect our subscribers and visitors from being exposed to any frauds, scams, or ripoffs. We will never intentionally promote any program, product, or service on this blog that would accept your hard-earned money without giving you a profitable or beneficial return on investment…

Of course, we can’t guarantee that you will always be successful with every program that you join, or every product or service that you purchase. Nevertheless, we can guarantee that you can trust us, and that WE will never do anything intentionally to compromise our reputation in exchange for our own profit. Our most important “product” is YOU, our customers, subscribers, and visitors, and we will always act accordingly.

By the way, anyone can type up some “feel good” or “politically correct” words on a page to try to make the visitor, subscriber, or customer more comfortable… However, the words above are the words that we truly and sincerely live by here at Know How To Earn, day-in and day-out, without-a-doubt.

Know How To Earn: (1) Join most money making programs at launch or prelaunch, whenever possible. However, this is not always necessary… (2) Never purchase or invest more than you can afford to lose in any online (or offline) program or business. In other words, never risk your “pay the bills” money… (3) Be sure to do whatever is required each day to earn your profits from each program… (4) Always diversify your make money portfolio by joining and participating in a few good programs. In other words, always lessen your risk, by spreading out your funds… (5) Get to your Break Even Point (BEP) as soon as possible. In other words, get your “seed money” out of each program ASAP, plus some profit, then continue to earn with your remaining profits, if practical… (6) Keep up to date with the news from each program, and revise your earning & withdrawal strategy, if necessary… (7) To earn the most internet income, treat your “portfolio of programs” as a business, by being motivated, organized, and consistent each day and/or night… (8) Maintain a positive attitude, and realize that profit on some days, will be better than other days. It all depends on the daily ROI, your active purchase amount, & the honesty of the admin.

We will immediately stop promoting any posted program on this blog as soon as we realize that it has an ongoing problem. If it turns into a scam, we will list it on our Program News and/or Damn Scam page… Remember that no program will be perfect, and every program will usually have some type of temporary or permanent problem before or after the launch… That still does not necessarily mean the admin is dishonest, or that the program is a scam. In other words, just because you may have lost some money, that does not automatically mean that the admin, or the program itself, was a scam. A real scam is an admin who has purposely planned to do it.

Consider These Potential Circumstances Before You Call Any Program A Scam…

No Scam Program: (A) A program may eventually have some type of a security and/or hacking problem… (B) A program may eventually have a major issue with one or more of their payment processors… (C) A program may eventually have a big problem with cheaters… (D) A program may eventually be hit with a sustained DDOS attack… (E) A program may eventually need to be restructured and/or relaunched in order to increase it’s longevity, etc… At that point, it would simply be up to you to choose whether or not to continue with that particular program… (F) A program may develop a problem with their script that would need to get solved and fixed by a hired programmer… (G) A program may have to change their host provider, and migrate over to a new host… Also, (H) A program may have eventually “run out of gas”, or “run it’s course”, or “run out of steam”, due to a lack of consistent and sustainable cash flow, and/or an unexpected  massive membership disloyalty… A program can be an admin planned scam, or it could later become an unplanned scam, but don’t be too hasty to call it a scam, unless you are positive it is.

Note: There are a few different reasons for membership disloyalty, and sometimes it may be the fault of a top leader sabotage, or it may be the unwitting fault of program management, etc.

Our goal here at Know How To Earn is to always choose make money programs as carefully as we can, in accordance with our daily time constraints & operating procedures… In other words, even with the restricted amount of time available to us to post each program ASAP, we still do our best to not have any (or many) problem programs, but as in life, there are no guarantees…

There may be some days when we will not post anything, because there is not anything worthy or worthwhile for us to post that day… We will be selective, but not overly selective, because that is not our “job”… Our “job” is to find new and prelaunch programs that seem to have good potential, and allow YOU to make-up-your-own-mind, and then give us a-piece-of-your-mind with your pro-or-con (good or bad) comments about the program.

Although, whenever a bad or scam program is exposed by the Know How To Earn membership comments (reply’s), especially with verifiable proof, that is actually a good thing… Why?… Well, because it helps to stop unsuspecting new prospects from joining, and it also helps current members to save money by discontinuing their promotions and purchases, and by cashing out before it is too late.

Thank You,
Admin & Team

P.S. Don’t forget that We Are Not A Review Blog… We Leave The Review Up To You… Therefore, we only have enough time to do a “quick analysis” of any program, because this blog is 100% committed to presenting each new program to our visitors and subscribers immediately, so that they will be the first to know… After the program is posted, our members will then proceed to do a “deep analysis” by replying to our specific in-depth questions, with verification, whenever possible… Our members may also submit their own detailed opinion about each program. In effect, each program is reviewed by a large community of people, instead of just one person.

We Look Forward To Receive Your Like or Dislike Comments About Any Program

The Know How To Earn News And Opportunity Mission Statement
A No-Frills Blog with High-Class Information: To make the most profit, it is usually best to join most internet money-making programs as early as possible. On this blog you will find the best New, Prelaunch, and Established business opportunities, investment programs, products, services, and any other legal ways to earn an income… Disclaimer: We are not a review blog, and our job is to post each new program as they become available. All programs will offer a degree of risk tolerance level… We will search for you online & offline, all day & every day, and we will post it here immediately for you to be the first to know… In other words, we will post any program that appears to be legal and profitable, the instant that we discover them throughout the day or night… Check this blog daily and/or hourly to keep updated, and know how to earn… Our Promise To You: We Will Provide you with the latest, and You Must Decide if it is the greatest…

UPDATE (July 25, 2017): We are now focusing and reporting much more on various make money program news categories here at Know How To Earn. Additionally, we are now being more selective with the make money programs we choose to join and promote, although we still currently choose from most of the same program categories. In other words, we no longer attempt to post and list any and every program online. Why? It is due to the fact that we now realize it is not a feasible goal or achievement, and we will now have more time to be more productive in other areas of the business.

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