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154 Pack

                                                  Minimum $0.1 Daily Earning Guarantee
This is an advertising & revenue share program that delivers targeted guaranteed traffic.
[PROGRAM NAME]: 154 Pack
[SERVICE]: Advertising… [PAYMENT PROCESSOR]: Perfect Money, Payza, BitCoin, Payeer, AdvCash… [PAY PLAN]: RevShare… [BASIC DETAILS]: Earn 154% Profit… AdPacks Are $10.00… 20% Repurchase Rule… Five Advertising Products… Revenue Distributed Every 12 Hours… Monthly Membership: $5.00… 5% Daily Earning Cap… $10.00|$150 (Min|Max) Once Daily Withdrawal… No Daily Ad Viewing Required, But You Must View 80 Ads Before Each Cashout… There Is No Deposit Fee, And A 3% Withdrawal Fee… You Can Earn “Active Points” Every Day (Refer To The Site FAQ’s)… Optional: View PTC Ads For Extra Cash… 15% Two-Level (10%|5%) Referral Commission… [ADMIN]: Martin Hornacek… [PROGRAM STATUS] Not Paying!|Launched: October 15, 2016

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Admin & Team                           Current RCB Offers from us: The Know How Team

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11 Thoughts to “154 Pack”

  1. Admin|Update

    Hello everybody

    ########## Good News ###############

    Tomorrow 154pack returns to 20% repurchase and 80% Main balance.

    ######### Bad News #################

    A very big problem, Yesterday evening we lost more than 45k$ stealed after a hackers attack, and we recorded 5ip from Morocco. I gave all the information to my lawyer to attack them in court.

    I have to contact my bank for withdrawn from my personal account 70k$ for added to the system 154pack / 160pack but he told me that I should wait 7 working days to give me that sum.

    – The withdrawal must be deactivated for 7 days and I must pay pending cashout with my own personal wallet.
    – I lost for this project more than 80k$ but I will never ever abound you.

    I am with you until the end, today I will know my loyal, and they will encourage me to continue because it is really deficient.

    For the packs and the addition of money everything goes on normally, and the PTC Ads, I will change them from 0.01$ per pub to 0.02$ to encourage you.

    -Lucas Hone|Admin

  2. Admin|Update

    Hello my family

    ##############(154pack Site ) ######################
    First of all I want to thank the team and the admins Aurel and Youssra.

    This list of username is the members summon for their cashout.

    If you are not on the list just wait maximum 48 hours. you can check all payment here:…

    160pack is launched in special promotion will be added.

    Best regard.
    Lucas Hone

  3. Admin|Update

    #################[ About cashout ] ###################
    Note: This is not update is just for Remind members about rule of cashout.
    To receive money from 154pack you will go through two steps:
    1- If you have more than one cashout please share your payment in our forum:
    2- wait 48 hours to claim on your Pending payment.
    75% of cashout has been sent.
    if you seeing this message in your dashboard because you don’t share payment proof in our forum. #154pack #160pack

    -Lucas Hone|Admin

  4. Admin|Update

    January 31, 2017…

    Dear members,

    ******************Please read*****************

    We have detected issues with our Cron adpack earnings some hacker try to corrupt our database in the last 24 hours.

    We must do new migration of our server for better security. we must verify every account affected for this attack. some cashout can be delayed because we must verify every account before sent.

    Adpack earning was disabled until we verify every account, fix bug and finish migration, this verification can take 72 hours to fix it.

    What you can do in this time?

    For all members,

    1-Change your password Don’t use same details which you use in other programs or online earning opportunities.
    2-Make sure your wallet address is secure and intact with your profile.
    3-100% repurchase to buy active points until we fix adpack earning

    Please don’t panic, we are here for the long terms and some people jealous for our success try to corrupt our database.

    We apologize for this inconvenience, and we do our best to fix it as soon as possible. We will update information when we fix issues.

    please read

    Regard, Lucas hone

    February 1, 2017…

    Dear members,

    95% of cashout was sent for members who share payment proof in our forum.

    Our team progress to fix issues adpack earnings 50%. Don’t forget to addpayment proof in our forum.

    For all members: SPAM in FB group is not tolerated. we do our best to fix all issues, answer all tickets, and send payment for all honest members. We don’t tolerate any cheater who try to manipulate our system, we verify every account, every referral and every account.

    **********************AWESOME NEWS*******************

    TOMOROW, if all it’s ok, we will launch our new project another way to get more opportunities of earnings.

    Are you ready to support us and promote YOUR NEW PROJECT? IF YES, COMMENT I TRUST 154PACK AND I PROMOTE NEW PROJECT.

    Best regard, Lucas hone

  5. Admin|Update

    Dear members,

    After many requests from members we launch new promotion Addfund:

    10$-49$ Bonus 5 % in repurchase balance
    50-149$ Bonus 6 % in repurchase balance
    150-399$ Bonus 10 % in repurchase balance
    400-899$ Bonus 15 % in repurchase balance
    900$ and more 20% in repurchase balance

    Minimum addfund required to get bonus is 10$

    This promotion will begin 30/01/2017 and expire when we reach 23000 members All bonus validated in under 24 hours.

    Wish you success

    Regard Team 154pack

  6. Admin|Update

    Dear members,

    I have exciting news to share with all of you

    90 of successful days of 154pack. The unique revenue share stable after 3 month:

    -5% daily stable earning from Adpack
    -minimum 0.1$ earning from PTC ads every day
    -Alexa ranking 20,551
    -Total members : 19345
    -Total cashout : 35556.42$

    All cashout was sent for members who share payment proof in our forum. All addfund validated and bonus sent.

    After long discussion with dev team, i’m happy to tell all of you team of 154pack will create second project with new strategy. If you are interested to support our new project comment “I trust 154pack and i support the new project”

    Share with your friend this awesome news. I will share with you all details when the project will be in pre-launch.

    Keep promoting Build your team and please don’t spam


    Regard Lucas

  7. Admin|Update

    Dear Members

    ************Quick news************************

    Request cashout for week-end will be disable.

    For members who request cashout before week-end and share here payment proof, you will receive your cashout in week-end.

    We do that because we have a lot of work with dev team every week to develop new feature for 154pack.

    All addfund validated and bonus was sent. 80% for members who add payment proof sent, the other 20% will be validated today.

    For members who did not add payment proof yet…

    1-you must make registration it only take 1 minute
    2-After add your payment proof read how to share your payment proof
    3-Open ticket and send your link payment proof to check , you will receive your payment in less than 24 hours.

    Lucas Hone|Admin

  8. Admin|Update

    Dear members,

    New feature was added message private, to ask you to share your payment proof in our forum , you will receive email notification before cashout and MP in your dashboard.

    -All cashout for members who share payment proof was sent.
    -10 cashout still pending, you must share your payment proof in our forum after that open support ticket and send us link of payment proof you will receive your next cashout in less than 24 hours.

    154pack is very stable. We have received over 20000$ new fresh fund in 7 last days to get promotion add fund. New opportunities of earning will be added in 2017.

    -We pay since 80 days.
    -5% Daily stable earning from adpack
    -0.1$ minimum earning from ptc ads
    -4552 upgraded members and grow fast

    Now members know the power of strategy of 154pack.

    Thank you for your trust, for your support and your great work.

    Keep promoting, build your team, and please don’t spam.

    Happy new year.

    Best regard,
    Lucas Hone

  9. Admin|Update

    Dear members,

    ****************** UPDATE about cashout *********************

    Request cashout at 31/12/2016 and 01/01/2017 will be disabled because we take 2 days of vacancy.

    ****************** About Pending Payment ********************

    All member who post their proof of payment regularly in forum, we pay it in maximum 24 hours .
    if you have pending order please check your email we sent you email about it.


    Happy new year in advance.

    Best regard

  10. Admin|Update

    Dear members,

    Referral contest begins for the top 10 winners.

    Referral contest rules:
    -Every referral registered between 24/12/2016 and 25/01/2017 must click 10 ads.
    -Each member who participates in the referral contest must have a minimum one Adpack plan.

    For cheater don’t waste your time we verify every referral.

    Ending on: 01/25/2017 12:01:00

    1 250.00 active points
    2 200.00 active points
    3 150.00 active points
    4 100.00 active points
    5 50.00 active points
    6 40.00 active points
    7 30.00 active points
    8 20.00 active points
    9 10.00 active points
    10 5.00 active points

    90% of cashout sent for members who add payment proof in our forum.

    *we are 17755 registered members
    *20332.97 $ Paidout
    *18,025 alexa ranking
    *5% daily stable adpack
    *Minimum 0.1$ earning from ptc ads

    Don’t forget promotion addfund:

    Merry Christmas

    Best regards, Lucas Hone

  11. Admin|Update

    Latest Update From The Team Of 154Pack

    New promotion Addfund:
    10$-49$ Bonus 5 % in repurchase balance
    50-149$ Bonus 6 % in repurchase balance
    150-399$ Bonus 10 % in repurchase balance
    400-899$ Bonus 15 % in repurchase balance
    900$ and more 20% in repurchase balance
    Minimum addfund required to get bonus is 10$

    This promotion will begin 11/12/2016 00:00:00 at server time and expire when we reach 20000 Members All bonus validated in under 24 hours

    Netteler was reactivated you can addfund and cashout.

    Total members:16750 members
    Total cashout: 15585.00 $
    Alexa ranking:19,996

    Here is guide of 154pack:

    Here is add fund in 154pack:

    About cashout
    After your first cashout you must share your payment proof in our FB group in order to receive the next cashout

    Result of 154pack
    0.1$ daily for all members
    5% daily stable earning from adpack
    Total members:
    Total cashout:
    Alexa Ranking:

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