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This is an advertising & revenue share program that delivers targeted guaranteed traffic.
[SERVICE]: Advertising… [PAYMENT PROCESSORS]: Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Payeer, BitCoin… [PAY PLAN]: RevShare… [BASIC DETAILS]: Earn Up To 150% Profit… Each AdPack Is $10.00… Repurchase Rule @ 50%… $10.00 Minimum Deposit With A 4.5% Deposit Fee… Support Ticket System Included… Hourly Distributed Revenue… 3.5% To 14% Daily Earning Cap And 3X Withdrawal Cap… $10|$200 (Min|Max) Daily Cashout… Surf 10 Ads Daily Or Optional Surf-Free Plan… Four Advertising Products Available… 15% One Level Referral Commission… [ADMIN]: Jay Griffin… [STATUS]: Launched On 6/20/2016.

Thank You,                                ?=> “Open Your Free Account Now, and you will
Admin & Team                         Get 100% RCB from us: The Know How Team” <=?

P.S. Join with the Know How Team, because we know how to show you how to earn, we know how to be here daily for you, and we know how to keep you updated and rewarded. [Determine your risk-tolerance level, and do not spend more than you can afford to lose.]

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9 Thoughts to “1 Pack”

  1. Admin|Update

    Which change do you think can best help sustain 1Pack?

    *Decrease withdrawal limit from $200 to $100.

    *Create a fixed low earning rate 3% instead of a dynamic rate of 3.5% – 14%.

    *Research external income in conjunction with shared sales revenue.

    *Create a monthly membership fee that is used towards payouts.

    -Jay Griffin

  2. Admin|Update


    The last 10 days we have seen a decline in payouts. This is the direct result of the lack of participation of our 5,700+ members. We have less than 1400 members participating in revenue sharing. On the other hand, this Facebook group has dramatically increased by 1400 members over the last 10 days. A lot of these new members have registered and want to participate, but are on the fence due to the numerous comments/posts about withdrawal status.

    We all know 1Pack is a great program because of the consistent payments and positive posts within the first 30 days of launch. The $150k in payouts was shared by new and existing members becoming active in purchasing ad packs. To regain this type of momentum, posting about your pending payment will continue to push away new members and further derail payouts. Fresh funds into the program equals funds being paid out. This community controls the future of 1Pack…let’s not contribute to the problem but be a part of the solution.

    -Jay Griffin|Admin

  3. Admin|Update

    Welcome all new members to the group! Please check out our files section and let us know if you need help getting signed up. There are a number of good sponsors in this group. As for payouts, 1Pack sales are gradually increasing and that revenue is being distributed towards pending withdrawals. The more fresh funds that are used to purchase ad packs, solo, static, and rotating ads the more withdrawals will be processed.

    Don’t miss your chance to participate in our new Weekly $100 Giveaway. One winner will be selected weekly to receive $100 in their cash balance. There is a $5 entry fee to be eligible to win. You can reach this contest by going to the “Member Tools” tab and selecting “Jackpot.”

    -Jay Griffin|Admin

  4. Admin|Update

    I want to address the questions around withdrawals and how this revenue sharing program operates.

    1Pack launched over one month ago, and I have been a transparent admin from the beginning. Every day I have stressed the importance of the motto ONE Community, ONE Solution, & ONE Goal…Financial Freedom. This motto is more than just a catchy phrase, but it means that we all hold the same power to move 1Pack forward.

    In order to continue with same-day payouts as we have in the past, we have to increase the sales of ad packs, login ads, solo ads, static and rotating ads. This is not an investment opportunity but an advertising service that you pay $10 per package. When sales are generated, the revenue is share with all members with active ad packs.

    We only have 1370 members out of the 5500 in total with active ad packs. Out of the 1370 active members, over 700 have zero referrals. We have all seen too many times what happens when members benefiting solely for themselves and not the longevity of the program. It’s a simple 3 steps process to sustain any advertising revenue sharing program: (1) buy advertising packages/services, (2) promote and signs up “active” referrals, and (3) withdrawal the revenue that’s being shared. We have one of the best groups of members. I believe in you and in this program, so who can I count on to advertise and sign up active referrals?


  5. Admin|Update

    Good Day 1pack Community,

    We are having a special giveaway to 3 members with the most referrals in the contest! We will be giving away $150 to start your future with 1pack! The contest will START NOW and end on Saturday July 9th. Be apart of something that will be special and helping families gain the financial freedom they are looking for.

    For those who have yet to join our Facebook group below, please be sure to join and add a friend to keep up with the latest news. In our Facebook you will see discussions, thousands of members proof of payouts, and admin that are here for you. Growth is key to our success as a community together, so don’t let anyway that crosses your path miss the opportunity to be the next success story. Let’s change lives as a family.

    Admin, 1pack

  6. Admin|Update


    Here are some good steps to follow that can help you maximize your earnings with 1Pack.

    1. Buy ad pack(s)
    2. Surf your 10 daily ads to maintain ad pack earnings
    3. Promote 1Pack and get new members signed up with your referral link.
    4. Encourage your referrals to participate in revenue sharing by buying ad packs.
    5. Collect 15% ($1.50) for each $10 ad pack your referral makes with their cash balance.
    6. Withdraw 1/2 of your commission balance and use the other half to buy more ad packs. This will increase your daily earnings and the overall earning percentage of shared revenue.
    7. Take advantage of banner and text ad promotions in 1Pack and post 1Pack promotions in other programs. This will increase the visibility of 1Pack while also increasing your referrals.
    8. Continue to this process, at a minimum, until you withdraw your seed money from your commission and earnings balances.

    -Jay Griffin|Admin

  7. Admin|Update

    Hello 1Packers,

    We have surpassed 4,000 registered members! That shows that this program is being promoted well by all of you. Earnings and payouts have been occurring since 1Pack launched 13 days ago. So what’s next? To ensure the daily earnings are at the maximum percentage, we must encourage our new referrals and members to participate in our great revenue sharing platform. Did my ad pack daily earnings change? The daily earnings percentage is not a fixed number but built dynamically. It was done this way to ensure sustainability of this program. The daily minimum is 3.5% and maximum is 14%. A program algorithm adjusts this rate based off the ratio of ad pack sales per hour to the amount of earnings shared amongst active ad packs. All ad packs will earn until they mature at 150%. This daily earnings percentage does not affect members ability to withdraw or earn commission. Commission is being earned everyday by sponsoring members and withdraws have been consistently occurring M-F. Hope this message provides clarity to any questions or concerns. Happy Earnings!!!

    ONE Community, ONE Solution, ONE Goal…Financial Freedom!!!!

    -Jay Griffin|Admin

  8. Admin|Update

    Hello 1Packers, You all have been outstanding advocates of this program and it reflects in the increasing website memberships. What we need to now do is encourage those that we have signed up to participate in revenue sharing.

    There is a great number of registered members on the fence, and it’s our responsibility to show them how successfully this program can be for everyone who participates. The hourly earnings rate is calculated in conjunction with the hourly sales of advertising packages. This method allows the program to remain stabilized and for members to continuously earn a daily minimum of 3.5% or maximum of 14%.

    The payout proof pictures you all have been posting is a testament to 1Pack’s growth over the last 12 days. Let’s continue to not only get new members signed up, but also encourage them to participate in our revenue sharing platform.

    -Jay Griffin/Admin

  9. Admin|Update

    Hi members, here is some updates.

    1) today is weekend, so no withdraw.
    2)Withdrawals are set for M-F on 1Pack’s website time. 1Pack’s configuration is currently linked to the GMT+5:30 time zone.
    3)you can purchase login ads in available date.
    4)you need to surf ad 24 hours interval (not anytime).
    5)in order to share earning, you must add fund, buy adpacks, and surf add needed.
    6)you can not combine balance to purchase adpack (for example earning +repurchase).
    7) i request all, plz read FAQ section.
    8) for new member read our file section from here
    9) if you have any question or doubt, contact with me.

    -Sana Eshita

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